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Peterborough & District Angling Association Rules

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1. No fish to be killed or taken away. All fish (including Eels) must be returned to the water alive, after they have had sufficient time to recover.

2. Live bait: The use of live fresh water fish is not allowed, only pre packed shop bought deadbait.

3. Closed season: No fishing is permitted on any of the associations waters during the close season 15th March to 15th of June inclusive,  with the exception of Ferry Meadows lakes, Gunwade and Overton lakes (See page 6 of your hand book for fishing in Ferry Meadows and Thorpe Meadows Basin)

4. Night Fishing: No night fishing is permitted on any P&DAA waters except authorised syndicate members on Overton and Gunwade lakes, Ferry Meadows. On all other  P&DAA waters may commence fishing one hour before sunrise and cease one hour after sunset.

5. Gaffs: The use of Gaffs, Gags and fish lip grippers is not permitted.

6. Lead Ban: The following lead shot sizes are not allowed to be used: Swan to number 6 inclusive and also leger weights up to 1oz. The allowable exception are swim feeders where lead is an integral component.

7. Keep Nets: These must be fish friendly and a minimum 3 meters long. They must be secured correctly so as not to cause any damage, stress or fatality to the fish. Other than in matches, keep nets may not be used to hold specimen fish such as Carp, Pike, Barbel. At all other times specimen fish must be returned to the water after they have had sufficient time to fully recover. Pike, Barbel tubes and Carp sacks may also be used to aid in recovery of fish.

8. Landing nets: These must be of a minimum size of 30” when fishing for Pike, Carp or Barbel. Unhooking mats must always be used. This is for the well being and protection of fish.

9. Fishing rods: No more than three rods may be used at any one time. However on all BACKWATERS anglers may use only one rod and all anglers must be in possession of an EA  rod licence (See note page 3 of your hand book). Under normal circumstances members may not use multiple hooks when fishing any of the P&DAA waters. The only exception allowed is when Predator fishing, two hooks may be used to secure the deadbait.

10. Overhead Wires: For safety, fishing is not allowed within 30 meters of any overhead cables and power lines.

11. Bailiffs: The function of a Bailiff is to check that all anglers who use the Association’s waters have the appropriate documentation and equipment to meet the conditions laid out in the rules. They will also be expected to sell day tickets to anglers Any abuse or obstruction to a Bailiff is not acceptable and will lead to a loss of membership of the Association and a ban from fishing any of the associations waters.

The word of the Bailiff is final.

12. Dogs: Anglers may take their dogs with them when fishing but must keep them under control at all times. They are also responsible for cleaning up their dogs waste.

13. Litter: Anglers are expected to remove all liter from the bank side vegetation, even though they may not be responsible for it’s being there. Remember discarded fishing tackle is harmful to wildlife.

14. Parking: Only anglers with a blue disabled badge may use the parking bays allocated for the disabled and all anglers must not block any gateway when parking their vehicle.

15. Ferry Meadows parking: The Ferry Meadows Country Park runs a number plate recognition system for vehicles using the complex. Regular angler to Ferry Meadow can benefit from a reduced price annual parking permit which can be obtained by visiting the Visitor Centre and producing a valid EA rod licence and a valid P&DAA members hand book this will enable an angler to obtain an annual parking permit at a 50% reduced cost ie: £30 instead of the mandatory £60 Nene Park Trust parking info can be found Here

16. No trolling on any P&DAA waters.

                                   DRONES ARE NOT PERMITTED ON ANY ASSOCIATION WATER


The Association reminds its members that the fishing rights are granted by the generosity of the appropriate landowners, so damage caused to crops, fences or property could result in the loss of these rights. Members are therefore asked to report any vandalism to a Bailiff or any of the Associations officers. Please also be aware that any contravention of the Above rules by a member could lead to a fishing ban from all association’s waters.